Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Become a gametester

Are you gaming addict and plays video games all the time?

Then video game tester job is for you.

Video game companies create games to make money by selling them but the games that companies make aren't perfect and there are always bugs in the games. Some errors/bugs are programming errors and can be removed by programmers. But the other type of bugs are run time errors or logical errors. This is the point where companies require a gametester to test the game and search for all possible errors that may occur while completing all the levels.

You may think that the job is tedious and just about searching errors,you are wrong. This job is the best job a video gaming addict can get. Detecting error is just a side business,you are going to play a brand new game your friends just know the name of. As a gametester you will get the game to test for free and you will get paid hourly to test it for free! Yes you are going to get paid for it and obviously the money will be pretty high. You are going to love the job. Your decided hours,your own schedule and work from your own bedroom. So you are just going to be in a win-win situation. But....

How are you going to get the job?

Here something is for you to get you the whole details of this industry and get you the latest jobs available and obviously no one is going to give you that exclusive information for free. But this golden info is available for just $37. Yes you read it right just $37. You will get all the info,a few ebooks and much more. And lastly if you don't like the package then you can refund it withing 2 months. You can buy the product by clicking here